Board of Directors

Christine DiPietro

Christine DiPietro riding a camel

Christine is the current chair of the board of directors. Christine got involved with Learning Enterprises (LE) in the 2008, when she taught as a volunteer at AMIDEAST in Alexandria, Egypt. Learning Enterprises inspired a career of international service.

In 2010 Christine moved to Washington, D.C. to work for an international development nonprofit. For 5 years she supported development projects around the world, including temporary duty assignments in Namibia, South Africa, South Sudan and Colombia. She served as Managing Director for Program Year 2016. Christine currently lives in Tennessee.

Christine loves airplanes, anything written by Joss Whedon and collects copies of Aladdin in hopes of one day owning it in Arabic.


Maureen Russo

Headshot of Maureen Russo

Maureen has been involved with LE since 2003 when she volunteered in Sinaloa, Mexico. Since then, working for LE has been a staple of her life. After returning to direct the Mexico program in 2004, Maureen served as LE’s first Executive Director of Programming in 2006, spearheading a successful PY that included the establishment of programs such as LE Mauritius, LE Panama, and LE Poland. She was nominated to the Board in 2007, and served as Board Chair from 2008-2013.

As LE’s longest-serving Board member, Maureen is honored to continue helping LE thrive. What she enjoys most about working for LE is the opportunity to collaborate with the inspiring people on the Board and to mentor the talented undergraduate staff who continue to improve the organization.

Maureen earned her B.A., M.S. and Ph.D. from Georgetown University, where she specialized in Spanish & Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies. Currently, she works as an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for Spanish & Latin American Studies at Schreiner University.

Remi Cohen

Picture of Remi Cohen

Remi volunteered in Poland after her freshman year at Georgetown University in 2012. She went to learn more about her Eastern European history and completely fell in love with the country, its people, and especially her host town of Zalasowa.

She has since returned to visit Poland multiple times, bringing her American family and friends to meet her Polish family. After her summer volunteering with LE Remi put her Georgetown Computer Science and Government degrees to use working as the Director of Technology and then Senior Director of Technology. These positions enabled her to focus on the sustainability of the organization and make sure that the programs she loves will be around for many years to come.

Currently, she spends her time in sunny New Mexico working as a computer security analyst at a large national laboratory. When she isn’t exploring the nearby mountains or dying in the summer heat she loves photography, cooking, and getting lost in new environments.

Nhaca Le Schulze

Headshot of Nhaca Le Schulze

Nhaca first joined Learning Enterprises as a member of the pilot team to Phitsanulok, Thailand. She saw first hand how LE's mission could truly change lives (including her own), and returned the following year as Georgetown's Campus Director. Nhaca then served as Managing Director for two consecutive years, and also as Program Director of LE China and founder of LE Mongolia.

After graduating from Georgetown University with a B.S. in Foreign Service, Nhaca moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to serve with World Relief's development efforts in Asia. She currently lives in Singapore with her husband and works at HealthServe, an NGO serving migrant construction workers. 

Jill Ni

Jill Ni Headshot

Jill started her journey with Learning Enterprises in the summer of 2011, as a volunteer in rural China. Every day that summer, her students inspired her with their curiosity, warmth, and incredible enthusiasm for learning. For Jill, it was an unforgettable experience that allowed her to see firsthand the power of education in expanding opportunities for youth across the world.

Prior to joining the Board, Jill served as LE's Managing Director, as well as the Director of Alumni. She currently works as a management consultant at Accenture, with a focus on growth, strategic planning, and partnerships across government, nonprofit, and private entities. In her free time, Jill enjoys exploring new places, reading, baking, and yoga. Jill graduated from Georgetown's School of Foreign Service with a B.S. in International Economics.

Hao Shen

Head Shot of Hao Shen

In 2010, Hao volunteered in the remote village of Mixi in Jiangxi, China. With two other U.S. volunteers and 3 teaching partners from Nanjing University, Hao taught 50+ students, but learned more from his students and fellow teachers about lesson planning, organic farming, and rice wine fermentation.

Hao has grown personally and professionally through different roles at LE as a volunteer, Campus Director, Director of Finance, and Board member. Hao is passionate about maintaining the global, but close-knit community of LE volunteers and alums through mentorship. Hao currently lives in Washington, D.C. and works as a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting LLP.

Mike Parker

Mike Parker In Snowy Mountains

Mike volunteered in Mexico in 2003 and has been in love with the country and its people ever since.  He returned to Mexico after graduating from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and lived there until 2007, working for a variety of NGOs.

Currently, he devotes his days to financial and economic matters, while dreaming of tacos al pastor and a cold agua fresca at night.

Mike earned his J.D. degree from the Georgetown University Law Center in 2012 and is excited to help the board with anything and everything. His interests include snowboarding, writing, and getting lost in new urban environments.

Andrew Deye

Andrew Deye Head Shot

Andrew volunteered in La Reforma, Mexico in 2004. That summer he taught 100+ students, but could not have done it without the support of the always-giving Lopez family who hosted him in the community.

Andrew considers LE one of the most important development experiences of his life, which is why he was thrilled to join the Board in 2015. He focuses on strategic planning, particularly fundraising initiatives that can bolster LE to its 25th anniversary and beyond.

Andrew's passions include business and public policy, which led him to an investment banking career and a specialization in public-private partnerships (P3s). He recently returned home to Ohio to work in economic development. Andrew graduated from Georgetown University with a BS in business administration and received an MPA from Harvard University.