Country coordinators

The Country Coordinators are Learning Enterprises' in-country leaders who make our programs possible. As respected leaders within their communities, they are responsible for all program organization on the ground in each of our 9 countries.

Helena Hecimovic

Helena has been Country Coordinator for 13 years! Years ago, when she first heard about Learning Enterprises, Helena had only started HELLO English Language Club in her home town Koprivnica, after working as an English teacher at high school for 13 years. She wanted children to learn English in a different way, far from tests and "one-fits-all" school curricula. She wanted them to enjoy learning, speaking, singing and dreaming English; moreover, she wanted them to make it their second language, the language of their choice; the language they would not only actively use in the future, but appreciate in their childhood and teenage years. 

Today Helena is retired, but still actively involved in the Club. Her family takes an active part in HELLO Club and Sunny Village camp activities. She hopes this connection will last for years to come and warmly welcomes our future volunteers. Those before them have enriched her life in so many different ways and she wishes to continue this long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship.

Drina Bešenic

Serving as the coastal Country Coordinator for the past five years, Drina will be returning to LE for PY21. Drina works at the city hall of Biograd Na Moru, which hosts two volunteers for the program. She has worked hard to expand the program on the Dalmatian Coast, and has been known to take the volunteers in her city on a very special excursion! Drina is excited to serve as Country Coordinator again and looks forward to meeting the 2021 volunteer team.

Miguel Angel Ayarza

Miguel partnered with LE for the first time last year, but for the past several years has frequently hosted volunteers in his home from around the globe. He loves meeting new people and learning about new cultures. In the past, Miguel has worked with other non-profit organizations such as “Amigos de las Americas.” Miguel, along with his family, are prominent and contributing members of their community. Many of his family members have served or are currently serving as public educators in the Los Santos region. Currently, Miguel is a full-time employee for his community's water plant. As a first-year country coordinator, Miguel will be a prime contact for the program and a key actor in running a smooth and successful program.

Karolina Marzec

Karolina Marzec is a native of Poland who currently resides with her family in a small town near the southern border with Ukraine known as Ustrzyki Dolne. She became familiar with the LE program through serving as a host family for numerous volunteers over the past three years, and has now decided to further her involvement with the LE initiative in Poland.

When not collaborating with her American LE counterparts, Karolina works as a local architectural engineer for civil projects in local and nearby areas of the Bieszczady region. Outside of work, she is often hiking, biking, or running with her husband and two children.

Kinga Popa

Kinga was born in Oradea, Romania. She studied at the Partium Christian University in order to become a social worker. She graduated in 2007. Later she moved to Budapest, Hungary, and she is working in a dubbing studio as an assistant director and translator.

In 2004, Kinga started to work as a volunteer for International Children’s Safety Service in Oradea, and that’s where she first heard about Learning Enterprises and met the first LE volunteers in Romania. Next year she became the Country Coordinator in Romania. She knew when she took the position that the job would be a real challenge, but she didn’t realize it would be such an amazing and pleasant experience.

Next to Kinga, the Association for Zala Villages is the primary contact for Hungary. The association is ran by Maria Szeder-Kummer. In addition, the Hungary/Romania Program Director, Ryen DeToro, has been working closely with Gabor Todor.