Am I too young/old to apply?


LE requires that all applicants are at least 18 years old at the time of applying, but there is no upper age limit for volunteers for any of our programs. Please note, that the majority of LE volunteers are undergraduate students between the ages of 18 and 24, and many of our programs are ran by university students. As such, you should be prepared to function in a team of youth and take direction from our Program Directors.

I go to a university that LE is not present at. Can I still apply?


Yes, of course! We accept applications from students all over the world! In fact, students from a new university have the opportunity to bring LE back to their campus, as Campus Directors the following Fall.


Can friends and family come with me or visit me during the program?


LE is a unique cross-cultural experience and our programs thrive best (and our mission is best preserved!) when our volunteers fully immerse themselves into both their program and their host communities. As such, we require that volunteers participate in their programs as individuals. We understand that volunteers may want to have friends or family visit them in their host communities. To preserve LE's mission, your commitment to the program, and mitigate the inconvenience to your host family and community, we highly discourage this.

How much does it cost to participate in an LE Program?


The answer to this question varies from program to program - the cost of living, as well as the cost of airfare, depends largely upon the country you choose. As a volunteer, your main costs will be flights, visa (if required), vaccinations and any other medication required before departure (if necessary), gifts for your host family and discretionary spending while in-country. Your accommodation and food costs are usually covered by your host family.

LE is committed to providing equal opportunities to volunteers, so we also have a scholarship fund that can be granted to applicants in need. However, given funds are limited, applicants should not solely depend on this scholarship. For those concerned about cost, we highly encourage you to reach out to our Program Directors and look into campus/travel scholarships. 

Unlike other international English teaching programs, Learning Enterprises charges no fee to participate. This makes Learning Enterprises one of the most affordable ways to volunteer abroad, and illustrates that we are fueled by a genuine belief in our mission, not by profit.

Why is there an application fee?


LE charges $25 before the early bird deadline closes on February 1, and $35 thereafter.

Funds from application fees go directly to funding our programs and supporting our operations. Learning Enterprises does not charge a program fee and is an entirely volunteer-based operation, so we depend upon application fees and fundraising to raise money so we can do things like give scholarships to volunteers, pay for our non-profit insurance, or help support our volunteer Program Directors by funding their flights. 


Where does my money go?

Why the security deposit?


Before being officially confirmed as an LE volunteer you will be required to sign a check of $500 payable to Learning Enterprises. This will only be cashed by the organization if you withdraw from the program after having officially signed your forms and committed yourself to volunteer with LE for the summer. This is our way of ensuring that all volunteers complete the program.

Volunteers who withdraw from the program at short notice place strain on our relationships with our host villages. If there are exceptional circumstances which prevent you from completing the program, the organization will take these into account when deciding whether to cash your check/cheque or not.

What is the application process like?


After paying the application fee, you will be directed to the online application form found here. Once your application has been processed and reviewed, we will reach out to you about a general, first-round interview. If the first round interview is a success, and we've determined we're a good fit for one another, your application will be passed along to the Program Director of your first choice. You may also be interviewed by the Program Director of your second choice.  After these interviews, you'll be informed of the outcome of your application!

Where can I send mail?

Please direct all mail to P.O. Box 25798. Washington, DC 20027. You can also send an email to info@learningenterprises.org and we'll get back to you within 2-3 business days.

My question still hasn't been answered.

Please reach out to info@learningenterprises.org with any other questions! Or join our information session below to ask your questions in person!

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