Our Mission

Learning Enterprises is guided by the 5 following principles:

1. Fostering Creativity

In many of the countries where Learning Enterprises programs operate, the predominant method of learning a new language is still rote memorization. Our programs provide an opportunity for students to express their creativity in a dynamic learning environment. Volunteers create, plan and execute their curriculum and lesson plans and have essentially complete freedom in running their classrooms.  Learning happens through creative problem solving and improvisation, for both the teacher and the students.

2. Expanding Horizons

Bilingualism is an essential part of modern global citizenship, and an affinity for learning new languages is a positive in any setting. English has become the primary language for business and travel throughout much of the world, and having a well-educated population with proficiency in multiple languages strengthens a country's economy, opens new markets and solidifies its position as a truly international player on a global stage.


Everyday technology makes our world a little smaller. Cross-cultural encounters are daily occurrences, and with them comes the risk of misunderstanding. Our volunteers and hosts live together, eat together, and learn to acknowledge - as well as respect - their differences and commonalities. The mutually respectful and engaged relationship between our volunteers and our host communities reinforces the enrichment and harmony in diversity. LE nurtures empathy in a world that needs it.


Our volunteers give their time, experience and enthusiasm to a community desiring their skills. Host communities welcome volunteers into their homes and give them the invaluable opportunity to authentically and thoroughly experience a new culture. All parties involved give to promote learning enterprises and the multiculturalism and reciprocity it stands for.


At Learning Enterprises, young adults have the opportunity to take on significant responsibilities that positively impact the lives of people around the world. Volunteers are not only teachers but leaders in their host communities. They develop skills such as leadership, adaptability, and resourcefulness. From volunteers to the executive team, the entire staff of Learning Enterprises is comprised of college students or recent graduates. Learning Enterprises encourages volunteers to stay involved after volunteering by serving as a staff member, whether it be a campus director, program director, executive, or board member.