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Our Program Classifications

Learning Enterprises currently operates its programs under three main categories: Developed Programs, Transitioning Programs, and Pilot Programs. While each of the programs receives the same care and attention, there are distinct differences between the programs. Please consider the status of your program before applying.

developing PROGRAMS

Developed Programs are programs that have continuously demonstrated all key aspects of an LE program. Most of these programs have been operating for numerous years and have improved greatly as we learn from each program year. Currently, LE operates seven developed programs.

Transitioning programs

Transitioning Programs are programs that are currently lacking one or more key aspects of an LE program. Transitioning programs may have previously been Pilot Programs or Developed Programs. Our aim for all our programs is to encourage the level of establishment and strong presence our Developed Programs have in country. Currently, LE operates three transitioning programs.

Volunteers interested in applying to Transitioning Programs should be flexible and ready for the unexpected.

pilot programs

Pilot Programs are LE's newest programs, generally in their first or second year of operation. Pilots are smaller, generally falling between 4 and 8 volunteers. Since the program is new, volunteers may be faced with more unexpected challenges than those participating in established programs. Because of this, we try to select independent and intrepid volunteers with a significant level of travel experience. We prefer having at least one person who has completed a LE program in the past, as well. While participating in a pilot program is perhaps more challenging, it is also extremely rewarding. Volunteers will be the first LE ambassadors to the country, and may even be the first Americans or Europeans to visit the community. Every volunteer can have a profound impact on the success and future of the program. At the end of the summer, all pilot programs are evaluated, and LE decides whether the program will continue; this largely depends on the experience of the volunteers.