Staff Openings

Campus Director

We seek creative, outgoing individuals  who have an interest in marketing. Past volunteer experience with Learning Enterprises is not required.

Program Director

We are looking for passionate, dynamic individuals to lead our country programs. Past volunteer experience with Learning Experiences is required.

Applications close September 19 at 11:59 PM PST!

Position Descriptions

Why be a Campus Director?

As the CD, you are LE’s link to potential volunteers, donors, and many of LE’s other stakeholders. You must be willing to recruit, select and train volunteers and also give top priority to fundraising on your campus. As well as your responsibility and commitment to your campus, you have to be ready to help other CDs with interviewing and events where necessary and to work as part of a team of CDs which will support each other throughout the year.

Doing your job well requires more than just getting your job done. It involves having your heart in it, owning your responsibilities, anticipating problems, sharing your experiences with your volunteers and passing on the essence of LE to the future of LE. 

The position of Campus Director does not require any past volunteer experience with Learning Enterprises. 

  • Plan for the year.  Compile a ‘Campus Plan’ for the year stating your aims and objectives in terms of recruitment, fundraising, training and interviewing and also lay out how you expect to make your goals and targets become a reality.
  • Work as part of a team of Campus Directors. Maintain weekly contact with the Executive Board and other CDs to share ideas on recruitment, interviewing, training and fundraising. Help out with events taking place in nearby universities and help with recruiting, interviewing or training applicants who are not from their campus where necessary and appropriate.
  • Recruit talent. In cooperation with the executive staff and fellow CDs, each CD will aim to attract an appropriate number of applicants as agreed upon in the Campus Plan. While making use of standard recruitment and advertisement material, CDs will also think creatively about the use of more tailored material to advertise LE and its mission. Host several information sessions.
  • Interview talent. CDs will consider and interview all applicants promptly. After each interview the CD will write an evaluation of interviewed candidates for the Program Directors (PD) for second-round interviews. 
  • Train and support volunteers. CDs will carry out a full and proper training of volunteers, using their training ideas while still adhering to the basic training guidelines which will be explained by the Executive Board. Outside of formal training you must also be available to answer your volunteer’s questions, emails and generally be of support to your volunteers.
  • Fundraise. Fundraising is vital to Learning Enterprises; as a staff member, you will be expected to support LE’s fundraising campaigns both on and off-campus. The method of fundraising is entirely flexible and the Executive Board and other CDs will support you in your efforts.

If you would like more information or have any questions, email Rosanne, our Director of Training and Recruitment at

Why be a Program Director?

Are you interested in continuing to spread LE's mission across the globe through leading one of our country programs?  The role of Program Director is an excellent choice for volunteers who want to give back to the organization and help others have as great of an experience as they did. This position is more involved and time consuming than the role of Campus Director, and has additional requirements that applicants must have, such as: previous experience as an LE volunteer, strong leadership ability, excellent communication skills, passion about the LE mission, COVID-19 vaccination and willingness too abide by all entry requirements for selected program country, which may potentially include and are not limited to a COVID-19 vaccination, quarantine, negative COVID-19 testing, an antigen test and more.

  • Preparing your program. Plan action steps and a timeline that will help you make necessary improvements to your program. Communicate regularly with the country coordinator and in-country contacts to coordinate program size, dates, host families, etc. Plan volunteer orientation, mid-point break, and concluding session.
  • Selecting your volunteers. Conduct thorough 2nd round interviews to a high standard by the deadlines (and in accordance with our service level agreements [SLAs]). Deliberate intensively to select the best team of volunteers. Report to the Director of Programming on the selection of your volunteers and the reasons for accepting them. Work in collaboration with the CDs and other members of the organization to boost the program’s recruitment numbers
  • Getting your team ready.  Prepare your team for what to expect in-country in terms of culture, location, teaching conditions, class size, students’ English abilities, etc. Assist your team in purchasing flights and coordinating travel plans and gather volunteers’ travel itineraries. Make sufficient in-country contact info available to parents and families. Facilitate general discussion about expectations about the program and volunteers’ goals within your team. Train your volunteers in the basics of ESL teaching according to the general skill level of students.
  • Lead your program.  Arrive in advance of the beginning of the program. Coordinate in-country logistics, such as travel to and from airports, travel within the country, arrival times and housing for orientation, travel to host villages, assignment of host families, etc. Organize and lead orientation, mid-point break, and concluding session. Remain in-country and reachable for the duration of the program. Check-in on volunteers regularly to address any of their concerns. Visit schools and host families to provide volunteers with feedback on their performance and any recommendations for improvements. Be available and ready to handle any minor or major emergencies in-country and ensure the safety of all volunteers. Report regularly to the Director of Programming on the running of the program during the summer. In the case of your country being deemed unsafe to travel to because of COVID-19, lead your program through a remote teaching platform.
  • Program handover.  Collect volunteer metrics and feedback to assess the program’s performance. Complete detailed program assessments and program review and update the program playbook. Liaise with the country coordinator to lay the foundations for another successful program year. Be available to coordinate with the following year’s PD to complete the handover.

If you would like more information or have any questions, email Hadassah, our Director of Programming at