Summer of 2016 – An Invitation To The Embassy

The summer of 2016 was very special. The adventures of catching a bus, speaking the Panamanian slang, celebrating street festivals, and getting invited to the U.S. Embassy were a few of the adventures LEPanama experienced.   The Panamanians welcomed us; from their homes and their schools, to their communities. 


It was the first year Learning Enterprises teamed up with the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) to discuss real change on ways for improving the Panamanian education system. 

Over the years , Learning enterprises has become well known in Panama , and in 2016 LEPanama was invited to the U.S Embassy where they were personally thanked by the U.S ambassador for sparking a great change in the Panamanian education system.This experience has by far been the biggest in LEPanama history. 

About The Author

Jasmine is a UC Berkeley alumni and was a teacher volunteer for the Panama program in the summer of 2015. She returned as program director for the summer of 2016.