Board of Directors

Melinda Lee

Melinda Lee first volunteered with LE in Phichit, Thailand in 2011 and returned as Co-Program Director of the Thailand program in 2012 after she graduated from Georgetown University. She
made such a lasting connection with her host family that since then, she has visited them in Thailand at least six times (including a visit most recently in 2022!).

Inspired by her time with LE, she continued her service abroad with another non-profit, WorldTeach, for several years. She taught English in Hunan, China and ran the program in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand.

Melinda recently spent the summer working for Indorama Ventures as a Sustainability Intern in Bangkok after graduating from MIT Sloan with her MBA. Previously, she worked as an Analytics Consultant for Tableau Software. In her free time, she likes to be outdoors - hiking, camping, and training for triathlons.

Dr. Maureen Russo Rodriquez

Working for Learning Enterprises has been a staple of Maureen’s life since she first volunteered in Sinaloa, Mexico in 2003. After returning to direct the Mexico program in 2004, she was recruited to be LE’s first Executive Director of Programming and helped LE establish six new programs between 2005-2006. She has served on the LE Board since 2007, including leadership as Board Chair from 2008-2013, and many subsequent years developing and spearheading the processes that LE’s board performs in service of the organization, such as the Executive Hiring operations, Program Review Committee, and mentorship of executives. In 2021, she was nominated to hold LE’s first Emeritus board seat, and she currently continues to serve LE in an advisory capacity. What she most enjoys about her work with LE is the opportunity to collaborate with inspiring people on LE’s Board and Executive Staff.

Maureen holds a Ph.D. from Georgetown University, where she also earned her M.S. and B.A. Her academic specializations include Comparative Literature, Hispanic Studies, and Spanish language pedagogy. She has dedicated her career to education, including designing and directing academic programs and teaching across various humanities disciplines both in Higher Ed and independent schools. Currently, she works as a faculty member at St. Mark’s School and lives in Massachusetts with her family.

Remi Cohen

Remi volunteered in Poland after her freshman year at Georgetown University in 2012. She went to learn more about her Eastern European history and completely fell in love with the
country, its people, and especially her host town of Zalasowa. She has since returned to visit Poland multiple times, bringing her American family and friends to meet her Polish family. After her summer volunteering with LE Remi put her Georgetown Computer Science and Government degrees to use working as the Director of Technology and then Senior Director of Technology. These positions enabled her to focus on the sustainability of the organization and make sure that the programs she loves will be around for many years to come.

Currently, she spends her time in Seattle working in Cybersecurity. She holds a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering from New Mexico State University, and Bachelor degrees from Georgetown University. Professionally she holds a number of security certifications. When she isn’t exploring the nearby mountains and beautiful PNW landscapes she loves photography, cooking, and getting lost in new cities.

Neha Shah

Neha joined the Board in 2019 after a few years away from LE. Before this, she was an active staff member for three years, as the PY16 Executive Director of Talent and Recruitment, and the PY14-15 Campus Director for UC Berkeley. Having founded the UCB LE campus when she returned from the Thailand 2013 program, Neha cares deeply about thoughtful recruitment and training of volunteers and fostering leadership development opportunities for our alumni.

After completing her Bachelor's in Public Health from UC Berkeley, Neha spent two years working in global health programs in sub-Saharan Africa, largely influenced by "expanded horizons" from her LE experience. Neha now works at a health tech company in San Francisco. She loves traveling, trying new recipes, and enjoying a good reality TV binge.

Anthony Cruz

Anthony first served with LE as a volunteer in Mauritius in 2008, where he spent weekends playing soccer with students, learning to Sega dance, and cooking Creole food. He returned as a campus coordinator in 2009 before graduating from Stanford in 2010. After college, Anthony attended UC Berkeley Law School and specialized in international law. As a lawyer, Anthony has focused on representing clients in a range of legal issues, including government investigations, litigation, and international human rights and criminal law. 

Currently, Anthony lives in Washington, DC, where he spends his free time experimenting with backyard bbq and trying to keep up with his toddler Isabel.

Jenn Kozyra

Jenn first volunteered with LE in Mauritius in 2015, where she taught 40 students alongside her incredible co-teachers, Alice and Brandon, in the village of Bambous. She was shown immense hospitality by her host family, the Rabots, and her host sister, Emilie, who now serves as the Mauritius Country Coordinator. Inspired by this volunteer experience, Jenn went on to serve as Georgetown's Campus Director, LE's Managing Director, and now Board member. 

Jenn is currently a consultant at The Bridgespan Group, a global nonprofit organization that serves as a leading social impact advisor to mission-driven leaders, organizations, and philanthropists. She is passionate about education and excited to support LE to continue impacting students across the globe. Jenn holds a bachelor's degree from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business.  

Jennifer White

Jennifer volunteered in Llano Largo, Panama in 2009. This experience inspired her to continue teaching English as a second language through volunteering in the U.S. She is excited to be on the LE board and enthusiastic about the opportunity to help others have similar cross-cultural exchanges.

After completing her degree in International Relations at The George Washington University, Jennifer moved back to Nashville, TN. During law school at Belmont University, Jennifer continued volunteering with groups supporting immigrant communities. Currently, she works at a nonprofit focused on public education. She is passionate about exploring new restaurants, travel, and her growing collection of cookbooks. 

Felicia Belostecinic

Felicia first volunteered with Learning Enterprises in Mauritius in 2013. Wanting to bring LE to her home country, the following year she founded an LE program in Moldova, which she directed for two years. Felicia is excited to rejoin the Learning Enterprise community as a Board Member and help continue the mission of LE to expand global horizons through international service teaching.  

Felicia holds a Bachelors from Georgetown University in International Political Economy, with a certificate in International Development and a Master in Public Administration in International Development (MPA/ID) at the Harvard Kennedy School. Following her undergraduate degree she worked at the International Monetary Fund, focusing on economic research in the Research Department. She then lived and worked in Senegal and Morocco with IDinsight — a non-profit NGO that focuses on bringing about data-driven social impact. She is currently a Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School Center for International Development.

Sarah Ryan

Sarah volunteered for Learning Enterprises in Croatia and Romania back in 2009. She fell in love with the people and culture of both countries and with the community she formed with other LE volunteers afterwards. She even convinced both of her siblings to go volunteer with LE in Romania as well! Sarah joined the Board in 2021. 

Since her time volunteering with LE, Sarah has worked in tech, first at as a human rights campaigner and in tech policy and then at Facebook where she led product policy for AR/VR products. She is now the Responsible Innovation Manager at Article One Advisors, a strategy consultancy that specializes in human rights, responsible innovation, and social impact.  Sarah holds a Bachelor's degree from Georgetown University and a Masters in Public Affairs from the University of California, Berkeley. In her free time, she enjoys exploring San Francisco's secret staircases, camping in the Sierras, and baking.

Adelaide Cahill

Adelaide first volunteered with LE in 2017 with LE Thailand. The Thai people and their beautiful culture were so incredible and inspiring to Adelaide that she went on to be a Campus Director
for LE for PY18 as well as study the Thai language in University before returning to Thailand in 2018 as the Thailand Program Director. Ever inspired by Thai kindness and generosity Adelaide
continued to work for LE as the Director of Programming for PY 2019.

Adelaide graduated from UC Berkeley in 2020 with a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences and went on to work in an immunology lab at UCSF before she bought a van and decided to try alternative
living and embrace a spirit of adventure. When she isn't puzzling over the next van project she can be found climbing and skiing or reading and watching tiny home videos.

Brian P. Kelly

Brian volunteered with Learning Enterprises in 2009, teaching in Jiangxi with two other Americans and a pair of students from Nanjing University—all of whom became fast friends.  He returned to China the following summer with the U.S. State Department on their Critical Language Scholarship Program and studied at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. He graduated from Brown University in 2012 with degrees in English and Political Science, specializing in modern and postmodern literature and international relations, respectively.

After university he received a New Media Fellowship from AT&T and the Watson Institute for International Relations to study opiate addiction and harm reduction programs. He currently works as a journalist and critic, serving as an editor and writer at the Wall Street Journal. His writing has appeared in the Week, the Brooklyn Rail, Salon, Hyperallergic, the Daily Beast, and more, and he is founder of Counterpoint Gallery, a startup focusing on the contemporary art market. He lives in Brooklyn and spends his free time reading, playing tennis, and volunteering at the local community garden.

Niji Jain

Niji volunteered with Learning Enterprises during the summer of 2006 in Sinaloa, Mexico, where she had a deeply meaningful immersive experience in her host village. Niji joined the Board of Directors to help support LE's mission and advance its growth through her experience working to promote equity and inclusion and as an attorney.

Niji graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Human Biology and a minor in Spanish, and from Emory University with a law degree. Following law school she worked for several years in the private sector at a litigation firm in New York City. Currently she is a public interest attorney at The Bronx Defenders, where she focuses on civil rights impact litigation, policy advocacy, and diversity, equity and inclusion issues. 

Olivia Wong

Olivia volunteered with Learning Enterprises in 2017, and acted as a guest speaker in the Best Opportunity University Program at the National Mongolian University. The incredible experience of cultural immersion with her host family and students took her breath away. Olivia joined Learning Enterprises as the LE MO pilot program director in 2019. Olivia acted as the pilot program director for MO for two more program years, HU in the Eastern European Cohort, and virtual programs during the global pandemic.

Olivia transferred from community college with honors to UC Berkeley in 2016 to study Philosophy as a first-generation college student, where she joined the Educational Opportunity Program and currently studies psychology, sociology, and neuroscience on scholarship at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Center. Olivia is passionate about educational equity, as well as diversity and inclusion. While approaching a decade of total administrative secretarial experience, Olivia also recently worked at a nonprofit teaching literacy and socio-emotional skills to public elementary school children below grade-level and at a company offering special needs youth psychological therapeutic services. Olivia is glad to return to Learning Enterprises as an alumna on the Board of Directors in 2022 to support LE's mission.

Rhea Singh

Rhea joined the Learning Enterprises community during the summer of 2017 as a volunteer in Phichit, Thailand. She had an amazing experience that has now shaped many of her life and career goals and decided to bring LE back to her campus. She started the Virginia Commonwealth University LE chapter and was campus director for one year. Since then, she has taken some time away from LE during medical school, but is excited to become involved with LE once again as a member of the Board of Directors.

Rhea graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in December 2017 and is currently a 4th year medical student at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. She will be graduating this upcoming May and is hoping to pursue a dermatology residency with a focus on global health. She has spent much of her medical school career working on global health research and community outreach programs and hopes to bring her experience and passion for global health, advocacy, and education to the LE Board of Directors.